Crafting Convenience: Milk Powders, Instant Coffees & Flavorful Powders for Your Brand.

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While we take pride in our specialty coffee roasting, Slumberjack knows there's a world of delicious possibilities beyond the whole bean. That's why we're experts in formulating a variety of powdered ingredients to elevate your private label drink portfolio.

Unleash Convenience and Flavour:

  • Milk Powders: We offer a range of customisable milk powders, from classic whole milk to dairy-free alternatives, ensuring a perfect complement to your coffee creations.
  • Instant Coffees: Indulge your customers with a variety of instant coffee options, boasting exceptional taste and ease of use. Explore classic roasts, flavoured varieties, and functional blends like high-caffeine options.
  • Flavourful Powders: Think beyond coffee! We can create delicious and functional powdered drink mixes, from creamy cocoas to refreshing flavoured beverages.

    Here's what sets Slumberjack apart:

  • Expert Formulation: Our skilled team develops customised powder blends to meet your specific taste, functionality, and brand needs.
  • Quality Ingredients: We source high-quality ingredients to ensure your powdered drinks deliver exceptional taste and performance.
  • Scalability and Efficiency: Benefit from our expertise and production capabilities, allowing you to meet the demands of your growing brand.

    Partner with Slumberjack to transform your vision into reality. Let's craft convenient and flavourful powdered ingredients that power up your brand's success!